Store Issues Make An Apology After The Christmas Display Goes Horribly Wrong

We are getting into the swing of things for the holiday season and many people are feeling the Christmas spirit. There is a store display, however, that shows a pair of polar bears who may just be feeling the spirit a little too much.

When shoppers wandered into the Tynwald Mills store in the Isle of Man for a little Christmas shopping, they got more than what they were bargaining for.

Two polar bears were found in a compromising position in a winter scene set up in the middle of the store. Of course, a picture was taken and it spread online like wildfire. There was even another display that showed a brown bear who was looking on in horror.

It didn’t take long for the store to apologize and to give a little insight into how it took place.

It seems as if one of the customers altered the display and the clerks didn’t notice right away. Then again, we may be stuck in the middle of a Night at the Museum movie that is adult oriented.

There is also a new arrival at the store and it may or may not be associated with the guffaw.

Customers will be able to come up with a name for the new addition but considering the streak of luck that the store is having, it may not be the best idea.