10 Most Hardly Believable Jobs People Actually Do for a Living

Most of us probably say that we work to live, not live to work. And, there’s nothing wrong with that, you have to have money to spend in your free time. However, there are jobs that many of us would give our right arm to do. If you’re still searching for your ideal job or thinking about changing your career path, this article might be useful for you.

We at Share Feed made a compilation of really interesting jobs that people do and even get paid for. Some of these people were just too lucky or so bored with their previous jobs that they made a complete career change.

Seat Filler at Award Shows

This job is exactly what it sounds like — filling empty seats at big events. Since most of them are shown on TV, random empty seats don’t look good, so the producers use these “tricks” to make the scene flawless. As soon as a celebrity leaves their seat for any reason, a seat filler is there to pull up and get cozy until the person returns.

This job doesn’t require any particular skills except patience and endurance, as you may spend all day on your feet.

Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal investigators are becoming more and more popular among those who are interested in finding evidence of the existence of a parallel worlds. It may sound very mysterious, but such specialists don’t usually use crystal balls or special abilities. They analize paranormal activity with special high-tech tools — like accelerometers, spectrum analyzers and magnetometers — to identify and deal with invisible entities.

Mattress Tester

This position requires testing anything from mattresses to duvet covers. The individuals that test these products make sure they are comfy and give personal feedback to help companies make decisions about them.

John Lewis, a department store in the UK, has a position called specialist duvet tester whose responsibilities include picking out the best quality bedding by testing it out first. Anyone would definitely be lucky to get this job — spending all day in bed here is highly encouraged!